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Corporation shall establish temporary or permanent living-learning centers for

the purpose of developing and offering a range of educational programs

consisting of holistic workshops, seminars, conferences and community building

events at any location in or outside the State of Maryland. The educational

programs of the Corporation and the research and development carried out at its

various community-based centers for these programs shall comprise the Corporation's

work, the purpose of which is to provide to the public practical experience in

applying spiritual and holistic values in daily life so as to demonstrate a new

egalitarian culture of peace, nonviolence and sustainability.

In order

to carry out its mission, the Corporation may establish at any location deemed

appropriate by the trustees, authentic community-based centers embodying

harmony-building communication and including social values of transparency,

honesty, openness and consensus decision making, where its objectives can be

developed and carried out practically by living, teaching and demonstrating

these values in day-to-day living, working and relating.