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When you give to HLF, your donation helps provide valuable and proven programming to youth who have experienced trauma that prevent them from developing their considerable potential as students and young people.For example:

  • A $15 donation pays one hour’s wages for a youth’s on-the-job training to become an HLF-trained yoga and mindfulness instructor;
  • A $20 donation buys a bottle of yoga mat cleaner for a Mindful Moment classroom;
  • A $50 donation provides one hour of yoga, meditation, breathing, tai-chi, and other mindfulness techniques for a class of 15 students in a city school;
  • A $100 donation pays for three hours of a certified Baltimore City Public School teacher’s work with students during Holistic Me—Summer Camp;
  • A $250 donation makes it possible for Ross Robinson, Manager of Program Implementation and Quality, to offer staff professional development focused on how to encourage non-violent communication in youth.

At HLF, however, we recognize the impact of your donations far beyond a measurable outcome. When you give to HLF, your donation helps us realize our commitment to offering a continuum of care for underserved youth in Baltimore, stretching from the schoolhouse to the workforce. Here’s what people are saying about HLF:

  • “As we take a holistic approach to developing the whole child, our scholars are now equipped with strategies to support mindfulness and meditation, resolve conflict, and communicate effectively. Our scholars are also learning to name their emotions and to redirect energy into positive outcomes.”

Monique N. Debi, Principal, Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School

  • “Knowing that there were adults in my life who cared about and nurtured me as a person is the reason that I came back to work at HLF after I graduated from college. It’s also the reason I feel confident when I meet with principals to propose HLF programming for their schools.”

Jamar Peete, Holistic Me Alumnus and Current HLF Employee

  • “The mindfulness coaches also engage in a series of small group sessions with some of our more challenging students. These students are pulled once or twice a week during the lunch period to conduct relationship building, reflect on their behavior throughout the week, and practice some of the mindfulness techniques. These small group check-ins have been invaluable for these students who demonstrate many behavioral challenges without the added supports being provided.”

Joseph Manko, Principal, Liberty Elementary School

  • “I know that taking a deep breath sounds pretty basic, but I can’t count how many times it helped me not smack somebody in the face! Everybody, raise their right hand and put it on their stomach. Everyone, inhale, with me, through your nose, fill your stomach with air, like it’s a balloon. Exhale, through your nose, squeeze your belly to your spine, leave your hand where it is, so it can create space between your stomach and your hand… Bet you won’t smack somebody today!”

Janaisa Brown (age 10), Holistic Me alumnae, TEDxCharlottesville

  • “As y’all can see, our model is all about training the trainer. I remember the first time we went to our teacher’s house and asked him to teach us yoga, his response was, ‘Man, I ain’t teaching no devotees; I’m teaching teachers.’ His philosophy behind that was that if you teach students, they’ll always be dependent on you; if you teach teachers, you’ll not only empower them, but you’ll also empower the people that are in their lives.”

Atman Smith, Co-Founder, Holistic Life Foundation, TEDxCharlottesville